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Testimonial 1:

“I just wanted you to know my hip is doing fabulously!!! Had I known that one visit would have taken away pain I had been living with for well over 9 months…I would have come sooner! You certainly know what you are doing. I appreciate you accommodating my schedule and for eliminating my pain!! Thanks a bunch!!” – Rhonda

Testimonial 2:

“After suffering from chronic back pain for nearly 2 years, I was informed by my orthopedic surgeon that Disk Fusion was my last option for pain relief. I tried every method of rehabilitation imaginable before nearly breaking down to go under the knife. While avoiding the surgery and still hopeful for a better solution, I was blessed to be introduced to Dr. Gamboa. In 2 months he reduced my pain and gave me my life back. Dr. Gamboa is a genuine healer and worked hard to get me back in the water surfing and playing with my daughter. I now live a normal life and continue to see him on a regular basis.”– Shawn – Civil Engineer

Testimonial 3:

“I’ve been a carpenter for more than 20 years in residential and commercial construction, and because of that life choice I have had to contend with major health issues in my back, neck, and limbs. I had suffered periodically from being unable to sit or stand for long periods of time. I received adjustments in 2002 for herniated discs and had taken oxycontin (a very strong narcotic pain reliever) in growing doses over time for treatment of chronic back pain and sciatica. In 2008 I reinjured these discs and was scheduled for a microdiscectomy spine surgery. I was hesitant to proceed with surgery and searched for other options. Dr. Gamboa became my option and suggested spinal decompression treatments. While having the spinal decompression treatments I experienced major relief that helped revitalize me mentally, physically, and emotionally. I improved significantly without surgery or drugs and recommend Dr. Gamboa and his techniques of chiropractic care. Thank you Dr. Gamboa.” – John

Testimonial 4:

“I came to see Dr. Gamboa after having experienced neck pain for several months. A friend’s husband recommended him to me. After 2 visits, my neck turning radius significantly improved and the pain in my neck is now a 1 on a scale of 1 to 10. I’ve had 6 visits and probably need just one more. He has a terrific bedside manner, is very accommodating with scheduling and it’s a nice office. My husband just hurt his neck and will be seeing Dr. Gamboa, too.” – Terez

Testimonial 5:

“I have suffered severe neck pain from a car accident I had over 15 years ago. It had gotten to the point that I was going to have Surgery. Thank you for introducing me to your spinal decompression machine. From the first treatment I noticed instant reduction in my pain level and the continued treatments have now provided me with pain free relief that I never thought I would ever experience again. Best of all now I do not need to have Surgery!! I have been to countless Chiropractors over the years and must say that your adjustments are second to none!!! Thanks again Dr G., you are the best!!!” – Sandy P

Testimonial 6:

“Thank you so much for minimizing the pain to my neck and back. The reason for my testimony is two fold:

1. To express my thanks and gratitude to Dr. Desi Gamboa for his professional service in delivering
excellent results to minimize and further eliminate my aching back and neck pain.


2. To provide hope to those individuals like me who were reluctant and sometimes cynical that there would be a cure and full elimination of back and neck pains.

I have been suffering for years with terrible neck pain that moved down to my shoulders and then to my back. I went to my HMO physicians and exhausted all the treatments available with no good results. They tried Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan and a full checking by a spine specialist and according to my doctor, my spine and disks were OK. In addition, I visited the podiatric specialist and last went thru neck massages and back physical therapy.

At the end, with no positive results, my HMO doctors recommended to go to a pain management therapist.

As a result, I even tried acupuncture and the last one was an eight session meditation class with no results on my pain.

However, this past Christmas, I enjoyed the visit of my cousin from Costa Rica and he related the same symptoms and suggested to try a Chiropractic specialist.

I searched the internet and the first office I called displayed unprofessional manners on the phone. On the other hand, Dr. Gamboa’s office receptionist was very friendly and professional and eager to help me with the appointment.

Dr. Gamboa has been very effective in dealing with my neck and back pain from the beginning. After three sessions I feel very happy with a good and positive attitude. The stress of my job is now manageable because it does not involve physical pain.

I am very appreciative of Dr. Gamboa’s patience and experience in treating neck and back pain. I am a believer the neck and back pain can be treated and eliminated by Dr. Gamboa.”  – Eduardo

Testimonial 7:

I have had chronic stiff neck since the age of 4 years. I’m 57 years old now.

Following just the 2nd week and 4th treatment of neck and back by Dr. Gamboa, I’ve made a dramatic improvement in range of motion without pain. I had adjustments here and there but this was the first time I got serious about coming in on a more intense schedule. I realized that I was living with this limitation so long that I thought it was normal for me.

I seriously did not know what it was like to look behind without moving the whole body. When circling my neck during exercise, I could hear the sound of gravel….I do not hear this now. Since regaining the flexibility due to regaining the space between discs in the neck the vision in my right eye is clear and not hazy, the eyelid is not drooping, and the blue vein below the eye is diminished. Following the second, third adjustment I had an easier time looking to the left and right and by the fourth did not feel my usual rubber band” that used to restrict all movements.

Dr. Gamboa will tell you “I know what I’m doing” and he actually does!!! – Marianne H.

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