Prenatal Care

Benefits of seeing a chiropractor when pregnant

Morning sickness, nausea, eventual vomiting, pelvic pain, not to mention the usual body aches, as well as the hip and back pain; this is a short list of some of the issues that women have to endure during pregnancy. Rather than suffer and tolerate the difficulties, relief can be acquired with a visit to the chiropractor’s office.

Chiropractic care involves the maintenance of a healthy spinal column and the adjustment and readjustment of misaligned joints. This care is best at ensuring that the pelvic is well positioned to ensure easy birth. In addition, it is important that the mother continues receiving this care even after her pregnancy. This will go a long way in correcting the position of the pelvic which is stretched by relaxing hormone in order to facilitate the birth process. The post birth care will certainly play a crucial role in reducing the numerous cases of back pains even after birth.

Most women do not know whether they can seek the services of a chiropractor even when the back pain intensifies. But with the flexion/distraction table, it has now become easier to eliminate the back pains. This table has a piece at the middle which can be dropped down thus allowing the pregnant women to comfortably lie face down. Upon lying on this special table that also comes with two handles to hold onto, the woman’s legs will be strapped and the lower back of the table will be flexed thus stretching their lower back muscles. This non-drug approach has ensured that women can enjoy their pregnancy periods without having to undergo procedures that may pose a threat to their safety or that of the baby.

Dr. Gamboa has treated lots of patients since the onset of their pregnancy till the last term. And all those who have received this treatment can attest that they have enjoyed every moment of their pregnancy and a smooth delivery. Back pains can hamper the joy that comes with motherhood. Most pregnant women who have undergone the leg and back pains can testify that these pains are unusual. But with the cox technic distraction, pregnant women can be rest assured of a solution to the back and leg pains that stem from pregnancies. In addition, this approach also guarantees the safety of the expectant mothers thus you need not worry about encountering any effects from the treatment.

Pains are inevitable during pregnancy. However, the approach adopted when dealing with the pains will certainly influence the comfort of the mother. For that reason, be sure to always settle for that method that yields satisfactory results and safeguards your health. And you now know the ideal approach.