How it Helps

How Can Chiropractic Help Me?

ChiroChiropractic is effective and safe. We do not utilize drugs,
surgery, or invasive methodologies in our practice.

Chiropractic uses safe and gentle procedures
to correct spinal misalignments.

Chiropractors are primary care health providers. You do not need another doctor’s referral to see a chiropractor.

Chiropractic is the largest non-allopathic healing arts profession in the world!



How does my body get out of alignment?


The birth process is the #1 cause of spinal misalignment’s. During birth, babies are transferred from the non-gravity environment of the womb to one of gravity. This happens
regardless of whether one is born “naturally,” via underwater birthing, or through Caesarean birth (C-section). Adding insult to injury, some of us are born via forceps or suction delivery where our skulls or bodies were pushed to the limit to come out of the birth canal. Others spent time in the neonatal ICU due to other difficulties or birthing complications.

As a result, for some of us, the birthing experience has impacted our ability to fully adapt to our environments 100% effectively.

Spinal misalignments can also occur from sports, work-related stress, and auto injuries as well as sitting, sleeping, and work habits.


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What is a Spinal Misalignment?

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A spinal misalignment is referred to as a “subluxation.” Dr.Gamboa’s role, as your health provider, is to analyze, detect, and correct subluxations. To do so, the doctor will take a thorough history of your previous conditions and injuries, then, she will perform a chiropractic palpatory examination. This examination includes a thorough assessment of your specific spinal alignment, range of motion tests, postural assessment, and review of previous x-rays, if indicated. Other X-rays and diagnostic studies may be ordered if necessary.

Dr. Gamboa cares very much about your specific symptoms and your overall health. However, she does not entirely use these parameters as an indicator in terms of how to clinically work with you. Knowing that the nervous system controls the physiology, the doctor’s approach is to determine the integrity of your nervous system and get to the root of any interference that is contributing to or causing your problem. Sometimes, this may involve a referral to another care provider if necessary. Your health is our priority and she will see to it that all avenues are addressed regarding regaining or optimizing your health while you are a patient


Chiropractic is not just
about your back and neck – it is about your life!


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The Missing Link of Chiropractic Care

Your body must make chemicals in order for you to fall asleep, digest food, recover from illness, heal a wound, nurse an infant, control your blood pressure, control your blood sugar, regulate your thyroid hormones, think, walk, talk, concentrate, remember… basically, all of your body’s functions!

The body’s ability to perform these functions depends upon a harmonious balance of chemicals within the body. An infinite number of chemical changes occur within the body every day. If any of these chemical changes do not occur at the proper time, in the proper area of the body, or in the proper quantities needed, ill health or disease may result. This may show up as low resistance to disease, not healing from disease, or as a lack of response to traditional treatments for your condition.

While you may still be able to perform your work and maintain some activity despite symptoms appearing to be under control, beneath the surface, your health may be at risk. Keep in mind that your body is like a computer: It remembers everything that has ever happened to it. This means that physiological imprints of illness imprint your body until dealt with and released. If this is of concern to you please read on.

Your own body is like its own internal
pharmacy. All the chemicals needed to
regulate the functions of the body are actually made within your body!

For instance, the chemistry of the body that controls your blood pressure, blood sugar, and your thyroid hormone, is made by organs called glands. Once the glands make chemicals, they travel through the bloodstream and go throughout the body. When glands make the right chemicals at the right time and in the right area of the body, there is a chemical balance within the body and peak performance is possible.

For example, when you eat protein, your body needs to produce hydrochloric acid (HCL) from your stomach to break down the protein into amino acids so your small intestine can digest and absorb the nutrients. If your stomach does produce HCL at the proper time (within minutes of actually eating and swallowing the protein), in the proper place (the stomach, not the esophagus), and in the proper quantity (just enough for the food you eat and no more please!), then your body chemistry for this time period is in balance.

If this sequence did not take place, you may have a condition where either too much, too little, or no HCL is produced, produced at a wrong time (when you are stressed and not eating food) or in the wrong place (your esophagus instead of your stomach), resulting in a potential esophageal ulcer. This is an example of how physiology becomes awry and starts to negatively impact other body systems, oft-times without you even being aware of it.

The nervous system is the “Master Conductor” of our body’s orchestra.

In Guyton’s Physiology (a standard textbook used in all medical and chiropractic institutions), it is stated that the nervous system is the master conductor of the glands of the human body. This means that the nervous system controls and coordinates your physiology. Like members of an orchestra, each gland must work in harmony with the others. Imagine how an orchestra would play if there was no conductor. The music would not make sense and the harmony would be out of balance. When the nervous system is not able to harmonize the chemistry, illness and poor health results.

The nervous system, in turn, controls the immune system. The nerves that exit the spinal bones go to the glands of the body that produce the body chemistry. When the spinal bones become misaligned, abnormal body chemistry and physiology result. The immune system becomes weakened producing pain and disease.

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