Head Restraints


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Why are drivers reminded to adjust their head restraints? According to auto insurance and car safety experts the head restraints are a very important an often overlooked safety feature of any vehicle. Your vehicle’s headrests help prevent a multitude of problems, such as, neck pain, back pain, sciatica and muscles strains.

There are approximately two million rear end collisions that are reported annually and even more not reported. More than 20% of the drivers in these crashes report neck injuries. One of the most common forms of neck injury is whiplash, a condition where the ligaments and muscles of the neck and shoulders are distressed. Whiplash not only can impact the driver, but the front and rear-seat passengers as well.


Head Restraints Can Help


The primary function of the ‘headrest’ is to restrict head movement during a rear impact collision.

Follow these three simple steps in order to prevent injuries associated with improper headrest position:


  • The top of the headrest should be in a straight line with the top of your head.

  • Position the centre of your headrest so that it is slightly above the top of the ear.

  • Ensure that the distance between the headrest and the back of the head is between 2 to 2 1/2 inches from the head restraints.


Whiplash being the most common soft tissue injury occurring in car accidents underlines the importance for all passengers to ensure their headrest is adjusted properly.

While using your seat-belt restraints has become second nature when getting into a car, reports show that headrests are one of the most overlooked safety features in motor vehicles today. An important message for local families with multiple drivers, the next time you get in your vehicle remember to adjust your headrest!